The Meridian line Project

Completed in 2000 

Photographs taken in the UK on the Prime Meridian line, or zero degrees’ longitude. An invisible line separating the East and West hemispheres. Exhibited in London, UK 2000


Peter Watson

In The Periphery - Images from the edges of Highway 401

2015 - 2018

‘There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your eyes’. August Strindberg 

Highway 401 is North America’s busiest road. For the last three years, I have been photographing the space that exists on either side of this man-made conduit that contributes enormously to the economic well-being of Canada. Only I am able see or hear the highway from my view point. By making the road invisible in my images I am subtlety drawing attention to the nuances and effects of the impact of the half a million vehicles that crowd this highway daily. The toxicity that seeps into the local population and environment via the fumes and noise hide in plain sight within my photographs, along with the subliminal dangers of navigating this road. This year will mark the 50th anniversary of the completion of Highway 401.

Under Construction

Completed 2015   

This project examines the construction boom that has taken place in Toronto, but concentrating on the West end. 

Exhibition this coming May, Toronto 2016

Cuban Portraits

​Completed 2015  

Street Portraits taken in downtown Havana. 

Used in the article 'Soy Cuba"